Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WebLogic Configuration for RAC

How-To Configure and Use Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) with Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3:
This demo shows how to configure Oracle WebLogic Server to work with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) as well as how to test the connections to the backend Oracle RAC nodes using a web application.

Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3 integrates Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) features in Oracle Database 11g, minimizing database access time while allowing transparent access to rich pooling management functions that maximize both connection performance and availability.

There are multiple configuration options for Oracle RAC features within Oracle WebLogic Server. Oracle recommends using Oracle WebLogic Server JDBC multi data sources. This applies to scenarios with or without global transactions. Also you could configure Oracle WebLogic Server to use Oracle JDBC THIN driver’s connect-time failover as well as Fast Connection Failover from Oracle JDBC driver’s Implicit Connection Cache.

In this demo, we will configure and use Oracle WebLogic Server JDBC multi data sources for failover and load balancing.

Check the below URL for detailed steps:

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