Friday, October 23, 2009


Usage of ocrconfig to administer Oracle Cluster Registry:
Requires administrative previlege on UNIX based systems or as a user with administrator previleges on windows based systems.

ocrconfig -option

-backuploc: To change an ocr backup file location.
-downgrade: To downgrade ocr to an earlier version.
-export: To export the contents of an ocr to a target file.
-help: to display help for ocrconfig tool.
-import: To import the ocr contents from a previously exported ocr file.
-overwrite: To update an ocr configuration that is recorded on the ocr with the current ocr configuration information that is found on the node from which you are running this command.
-repair: To update an ocr configuration on the node from which you are running this command with the new configuration information specified by this command
-restore: To restore an ocr from an automatically created ocr backup file.
-showbackup: To display ocr backup information.
-upgrade: To upgrade an ocr to a latest version.

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