Friday, October 23, 2009

RAC Administration and Maintenance Tasks

RAC Administration and Maintenance Tasks using ocrconfig, ocrdump, olsnodes, srvctl, crsctl, oifcfg, ocrcheck

This topic covers the following RAC maintenance activities:
  1. Checking CRS status
  2. Viewing name of the cluster
  3. Viewing nodes configuraion
  4. Checking votedisk information
  5. Checking OCR disk information
  6. Timeout settings in cluster
  7. Add/Remove OCR files
  8. Add/Remove votedisk
  9. Backing up OCR
  10. Backing up votedisk
  11. Restoring OCR Devices
  12. Restoring voting disk devices
  13. Changing Public IPs and Virtual IPs
Refer the below link to learn more about the above maintenance activities.

The above link will also give beautiful information and usage of the below tools:
  1. ocrconfig
  2. ocrdump
  3. olsnodes
  4. ocrcheck
  5. crsctl
  6. oifcfg
  7. srvctl

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