Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Task List for Physical Standby Database Creation

Task List: Preparing to create a physical standby database:
This section provides a checklist of tasks that you perform to create a physical standby database and synchronize it so that it is ready to begin managed recovery. Each step includes a reference to a section that provides additional information.

Preparing the Primary Database for Standby Database Creation:
Primary Node:
Enable Forced Logging
Create a Password File
Configure a Standby Redo Log
Set Primary Database Initialization Parameters
Enable Archiving

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Physical Standby Database:
Primary Node:
Create a Backup Copy of the Primary Database Datafiles
Create a Control File for the Standby Database
Prepare an Initialization Parameter File for the Standby Database
Copy Files from the Primary System to the Standby System

Standby Node:
Set Up the Environment to Support the Standby Database
Start the Physical Standby Database
Verify the Physical Standby Database Is Performing Properly

Post-Creation Steps:
Primary/Standby Node:
Upgrade the data protection mode
Enable Flashback Database

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