Monday, October 5, 2009

ASM Commands

Summary of ASM Commands:
This section describes each individual ASMCMD command in detail:

cd: Changes the current directory to the specified directory.
du:Displays the total disk space occupied by ASM files in the specified ASM directory and all its subdirectories, recursively.
exit:Exits ASMCMD.
find:Lists the paths of all occurrences of the specified name (with wildcards) under the specified directory.
help:Displays the syntax and description of ASMCMD commands.
ls:Lists the contents of an ASM directory, the attributes of the specified file, or the names and attributes of all disk groups.
lsct:Lists information about current ASM clients.
lsdg:Lists all disk groups and their attributes.
mkalias:Creates an alias for a system-generated filename.
mkdir:Creates ASM directories.
pwd:Displays the path of the current ASM directory.
rm:Deletes the specified ASM files or directories.
rmalias:Deletes the specified alias, retaining the file that the alias points to.

Refer the below URL for more details on asmcmd for 10GR2:

Refer the below URL for more details on asmcmd for 11G Release 1:

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