Friday, July 24, 2009

Oracle Cloud Computing

Cloud computing center of Oracle:
Oracle has played a pioneering role in making Grid Computing relevant to enterprises with ground breaking products such as Oracle Real Applications Clusters (RAC), Automatic Storage Management (ASM), and Storage Grid.

More recently, Oracle has brought Grid Computing to middleware with the Application Grid approach to infrastructure. These products/technologies make the enterprise IT infrastructure elastic so that it can grow incrementally without any theoretical upper limit, as well as provide the flexibility to move resources around in order to meet dynamic business priorities.

In September 2008, Oracle introduced new offerings that allow enterprises to benefit from the developments taking place in the area of Cloud Computing. As a part of our initial offering, Oracle has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer the following products and services:

•Deploy Oracle Software in the Cloud
•Backup Oracle Database in the Cloud

These offerings may be extended to other Cloud platforms in the future. Check the below links for more details:

Deploying Oracle Database in the Cloud
Following is a demo/tutorial for deploying database in cloud.

Backing up Database in the Cloud
Following is a demo/tutorial for backing up database in the cloud.

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