Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oracle High Availability

Oracle High Availability Presentation:
A beautiful presentation which covers most of the scenarios of Oracle high availability architecture. This high availability architecture are designed to reduce the down time of the services and make sure the services are available to customers. This solutions reduces the service loss and increases the company revenue.

Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture - MAA:
Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) is Oracle's best practices blueprint based on proven Oracle high availability technologies and recommendations. The goal of MAA is to achieve the optimal high availability architecture at the lowest cost and complexity.

  • MAA best practices span Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Applications and Grid Control.
  • MAA considers a range of business requirements to make these best practices as widely applicable as possible.
  • MAA leverages lower-cost servers and storage.
  • MAA evolves with new Oracle versions and features.
  • MAA is hardware and OS independent.

This Maximum Availability Architecture Overview describes how MAA is used to maximize systems availability and meet the most aggressive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for system availability, quality of service, and data protection.
MAA Best Practices for each of the following areas are provided below:

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